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PostSubject: AP's Profile   Thu Nov 18, 2010 7:10 pm

Name: Ap
Age: 13
Good or Evil: Evil
Attribute: Darkus
Gaurdian Bakugan: Darkus Dharak 655gs
Other Bakugan: Darkus Raptorix 500gs & Darkus Krakix 500gs
BattleGear: Airkor 100gs

Name: TeamWork
Effect: if i am down to my last bakugan i can bring all my other bakugan out too

Name: Shield Break
Effect: Takes 200gs from oppenents

Name: Darkus Shield
Effect: Protect my darkus bakugan from my oppenents ability or gate card

Name: Darkus Boost
Effect: Adds 200gs to my darkus bakugan

Name: Darkus Absorbtion
Effect: Absorbs 200gs from all non-darkus bakugan/gear/trap (take 200 and give 200 for each)

Name: Absorbtion + Super Absorbtion
Effect: take & give 200 + take and give 300

Name: Card Breaker
Effect: numifys all your oppenents abilitys and gate cards used so far

Name: G-Power Swap
Effect: you and your oppenents g-powers get swapped

Name: Copy Ability
Effect: Copies one of your oppenents ablitys

Name: Overdrive
Effect: Take all abilitys used by ur oppenent and pretend as you have just activated all of them (you cant use another ability card that boosts your g-power)

PeaceMaker---sends bakugan back to owners
G-Power Exchange--- swaps your g powers
Dharak Chararacer Card---Doubles Dharak g-powers
Darkus Reactor---Gives my darkus bakugan 200gs
Land Slide---Subtract 400gs from your oppenents bakugan
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AP's Profile
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